Giving Birth in Switzerland



After a few false trips to the hospital we finally welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world on Friday afternoon. By the time we arrived at the hospital I was already dilated to a 7 and the nurse said I couldn’t have an epidural. After a little begging I think I was given a “fake” one because I felt everything. But we are soooo glad to have her here.

She has more hair than both of the boys did but looks similar.

The boys were both very excited to see her.

Daddy’s little Girl, he’s already smitten.

I’m so excited to have a little girl in our family.

Her first bath after a day and a half of waiting for one. They told us the “coating” was good for her skin and to wait to bathe her. It’s was fun to see some of the differences of giving birth from the States and here. Apparently, it’s no big deal to submerge the baby in water and get her umbilical cord wet.

A few note worthy differences from giving birth in the States vs. Switzerland:

*Lights go out when you are in labor, they have candles all around. Do they really think it’s relaxing?
*There are ropes hanging from the ceilings, mats on the floor, medicine balls around to help deal with the pain.
*The thought of an epidural….why would you want that. You can give birth in the relaxing bath.
*No gowns needed. Just wear your clothes or walk naked.
*The midwife does all the work. The Dr came in the last few minutes, didn’t even scrub up- delivered the baby in his suit, but he did put on gloves.
*When the baby came out, they immediately handed her to me and disappeared for 2 hours.
*The nurses were amazing. Going as far to ride her bike from home to bring you baby nail clippers.
*Overall it was a pretty amazing experience and we are really blessed she is here and healthy.

17 thoughts on “Giving Birth in Switzerland

  • Julie – you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL… even after giving birth!!! I love your new Josie… the name is gorgeous and I adore the middle name too. So cute to see the boys already wrapped around her teeny, tiny fingers.

    I'm so happy you have a girl. GIRLS are so much fun!!!

    So interesting to read about the differences for birthing there. So how does the citizenship thing work for Josie?

  • She is so very precious! I am certain she was the cutest baby in that hospital! It is soooo….fun to see you have a girl!! What sweet pictures…can you make her a baby book using blog pictures?

  • YAY – Congrats on your little princess Josie! What a fabulous family to be born into. She is beautiful and Julie you look fabulous!

  • You don't even look like you just gave birth! So ridiculous! I'm so happy for you guys. She really looks like the boys….except very girly! I wish I could hold her and hug you. Congratulations again!

  • We are so happy to have our niece Josie arrive. Congrats and good job Julie! Way to go. A fake epideral….guess they got tired of you asking. She is so cute. I love her eyes and all that hair! Congras we love you!

  • Congratulations! She's beautiful, and I'll never forget her birthday, it's the day after my third too! That's crazy about all the differences, I think I might actually like it there better.

    Congrats, enjoy your precious little newborn!

  • Congratulations Julie and family! She is adorable! It's great to have these babies finally join our families and even better that they arrived a little early to spare us the hardest part of pregnancy. Really happy for you and wishing you the best. Love you!

  • I moved and was without my computer for awhile, so I'm afraid I'm a bit late with the congratulations, but… CONGRATULATIONS anyway.

    I am so excited for you! The pictures you've posted of your family are beautiful.

    There's nothing quite like having a daughter. (sigh)

  • I love the pictures! She is so cute. I totally laughed about the differences between giving birth in us and switzerland- pretty funny!

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