Cannobio, Italy

We got Josie’s passport in the mail the day we left for vacation so we were able to cross over the border into Italy. We chose a little town not far from the Swiss Border (10 mins) called Cannobio, Italy. What a great find.

A must in Italy. Gelato, gelato and more gelato.

The town had a great Promenade following along side of Lago Maggiore. It was fun to enjoy a little vacation while my mom was here.

Relaxing in the sun. Josie is proving to be a great little traveler.

Another gelato……yum. Thanks Grandma!

Jonah is the picture king. He finds a spot and says “Take a picture of me here” a chessey smile is usually included. 🙂

Resting on the lakeside.

Josie catching some rays. We took her to the DR the day we left, last Friday, for her 1 month appointment. She is already 9 pounds and growing fast. What a cutie!


Lake + Rocks = Rock Skipping

Ahhhh, beautiful Italy.

8 thoughts on “Cannobio, Italy

  1. She's so cute and has so much hair. Finn's is barely there but more than normal I guess. I can't believe you're out and about so much. Is it a better recovery after your 3rd? I sure hope so.

  2. Your pictures are always so beautiful that place looks fun i love the pictures of the boys eating gelato too cute! Josie is seriously so cute we need to meet her:) How's everything in Switzerland??

  3. I click to your blog from your sister Amye's. I like to get ideas of new places to visit, as we like to travel a lot and you have such wonderful pictures as well! I just had to comment because you had pictures from the Ticino area and it brought back memories of when I visited some relatives there in Bodio. Your family is so cute and it looks like you are truly enjoying life! Love, Christine (McKee) Deelo (from Pleasanton days)

  4. Ok, seriously???!! That first picture is breathtaking and makes me want to go there in oh, so many ways! Everyone looks great and I'm glad you're able to continue your travels w/ a newborn!

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