Cannobio, Italy

We got Josie’s passport in the mail the day we left for vacation so we were able to cross over the border into Italy. We chose a little town not far from the Swiss Border (10 mins) called Cannobio, Italy. What a great find.

A must in Italy. Gelato, gelato and more gelato.

The town had a great Promenade following along side of Lago Maggiore. It was fun to enjoy a little vacation while my mom was here.

Relaxing in the sun. Josie is proving to be a great little traveler.

Another gelato……yum. Thanks Grandma!

Jonah is the picture king. He finds a spot and says “Take a picture of me here” a chessey smile is usually included. 🙂

Resting on the lakeside.

Josie catching some rays. We took her to the DR the day we left, last Friday, for her 1 month appointment. She is already 9 pounds and growing fast. What a cutie!


Lake + Rocks = Rock Skipping

Ahhhh, beautiful Italy.

8 thoughts on “Cannobio, Italy

  • She's so cute and has so much hair. Finn's is barely there but more than normal I guess. I can't believe you're out and about so much. Is it a better recovery after your 3rd? I sure hope so.

  • Your pictures are always so beautiful that place looks fun i love the pictures of the boys eating gelato too cute! Josie is seriously so cute we need to meet her:) How's everything in Switzerland??

  • I click to your blog from your sister Amye's. I like to get ideas of new places to visit, as we like to travel a lot and you have such wonderful pictures as well! I just had to comment because you had pictures from the Ticino area and it brought back memories of when I visited some relatives there in Bodio. Your family is so cute and it looks like you are truly enjoying life! Love, Christine (McKee) Deelo (from Pleasanton days)

  • Ok, seriously???!! That first picture is breathtaking and makes me want to go there in oh, so many ways! Everyone looks great and I'm glad you're able to continue your travels w/ a newborn!

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