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Praha – Prague

Before the end of Summer Ferien we were able to squeeze in a trip to Prague. The drive wasn’t too bad, only 7 hours. What a beautiful city.

Jason got a new lens recently and was able to try it out in Prague. I think his pictures turned out really great.

The boys got to try out a segway and thought it was super cool.


The baby slept through the whole trip, I guess she won’t remember it anyways :

The Prague castle in the background, the largest castle in Europe.

Enjoying a ride on the river.Finding a playground is high on the boys list.

Is she awake? Nah, going back to sleep.

The guards at the Castle. It was so hot, I think they must have been melting in those suits.

We hiked all the way up to the castle. It was a lot further than it looked. Thank goodness there was ice cream along the way. We were all exhausted after.

Jason took the boys and the baby out one morning so I could sleep in (so sweet). He was able to get some shots in the town squares with no one in it. Pretty cool, I guess it pays to wake up early.

Proof of the early morning wake-up. Check out their bed head hair 🙂

Check out that building in the background.



The cuisine was quite good. The boys enjoyed “salty pancakes”. After a few bites they traded me for my dish of beef and dumplings, they thought it was too salty. I love salt so I thought they were delicious.

The Old town Square early in the morning.

The streets of Prague.

7 thoughts on “Praha – Prague”

  1. The pictures are awesome. The new lens is really fabulous. It does help that Jason is a really talented photographer. What a fun weekend trip to end summer with!

  2. Those pictures are amazing!! Prague is really a nice place. And how early was it that Jason was able to catch the main square without people? Josie looks so cute!!!

  3. Pictures look great. Was that all the right lighting or did he do some editing? Anyway your boys are growing up so fast and Josie is beautiful!

  4. I love that one of you with the boys and Josie, Julie….you walked so much and saw so much…what interesting architecture and the red and green roofs show so nicely…was that girl we met at the pool from Prague, Julie?

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