Praha – Prague

Before the end of Summer Ferien we were able to squeeze in a trip to Prague. The drive wasn’t too bad, only 7 hours. What a beautiful city.

Jason got a new lens recently and was able to try it out in Prague. I think his pictures turned out really great.

The boys got to try out a segway and thought it was super cool.


The baby slept through the whole trip, I guess she won’t remember it anyways :

The Prague castle in the background, the largest castle in Europe.

Enjoying a ride on the river.Finding a playground is high on the boys list.

Is she awake? Nah, going back to sleep.

The guards at the Castle. It was so hot, I think they must have been melting in those suits.

We hiked all the way up to the castle. It was a lot further than it looked. Thank goodness there was ice cream along the way. We were all exhausted after.

Jason took the boys and the baby out one morning so I could sleep in (so sweet). He was able to get some shots in the town squares with no one in it. Pretty cool, I guess it pays to wake up early.

Proof of the early morning wake-up. Check out their bed head hair 🙂

Check out that building in the background.



The cuisine was quite good. The boys enjoyed “salty pancakes”. After a few bites they traded me for my dish of beef and dumplings, they thought it was too salty. I love salt so I thought they were delicious.

The Old town Square early in the morning.

The streets of Prague.

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