Europa Park Camping

We had a great camping trip last week when the boys had Knabenschiessen (a day off of school for boys to go shooting). We met up with some of our friends at Europa Park in Germany and camped in a Tipi. This is our Tipi and behind is one of the Roller coasters from the park.

The Tipi had 12 beds inside so it fit our family and both of our friend’s families. We all thought it would be a long night with a new baby, 18 month old ,2 year old, plus 4 boys but it was great. Everyone slept good.

My 3 favorite little people.

The park imitates Disneyland even down to a mono-rail. It’s a really great park.

I love this picture of the boys enjoying the tea-cups.

Swinging high…..

All the kids and my girlfriends Tanya and Megan with the Europa Park Mouse. The characters are hillarious.

The log ride. While waiting in line for this ride it began pouring rain. I tried to move strollers but they got kind of soaked in the process.

The evening campfire. Tanya brought some old but good marshmallows and we had smores. This is the cutest picture of Kyler….”Wow, my marshmallow is on fire”

The Tipi campers. What a fun campground.

What a good big brother.

Dad and his little girl,smiling big for everyone. After our lunch the waiter came up to me and said “Das ist nicht normal” I think she was trying to say we made a huge mess, but hey we were enjoying ourselves. I just smiled and walked on, come on lady, what can you expect from kids.

Riding the cars, really they have every ride Disneyland has, just a little tweaked. It’s fun to compare.

The campground in the evening. What a fun time. Europa Park is a fantastic place for families.

6 thoughts on “Europa Park Camping

  • Great weekend! Your trips are so much fun. Josie is darling and I love the purple sweater. You look so calm and relaxed with 3! Glad the boys are doting on their sweet sister.

  • We wanted to go last year when we were over there, but just ran out of time. I am glad to know it is worth going too. I am hoping to take my son there this summer when I pick him up from his grandma's. What a fun idea with the Tipi! Looks like you had good weather too!

  • Camping in a Tipi huh? Did that roller coaster keep you up at night? Looks like a good spoof off Disney, how far is that from you. I guess I just need to call you and ask you these questions. Josie is so cute when she smiles.

  • That is something else. And how fun to sleep in those Tipis. Seriously, I bet those boys loved that! Your little girl is so dang adorable, I can't stand it! Does she look anything like your boys did at that age? I can't tell.

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