The Spider Fish strikes

Jason became the victim of a nasty Spider Fish sting. The boys were out in the ocean when I noticed Jason started limping in. He was in super pain. Poor guy limped his way up to the shore and we started examining his foot. A local saw us and ran over to help. He quickly informed us that he was stung by a Spider Fish and we needed to get to the Pharmacy right away. The pain moved from his foot up into his ankle and apparently could keep moving up. So we left for the pharmacy. Poor guy was is horrible pain. By the time we got the local medicine it was a bit better. He still has pain in his foot from the sting. Don’t step on a Spider Fish!!


We went out eat fish after Jason’s encounter with the Spider Fish, a little revenge, we didn’t eat Spider Fish though.

The boys thought it was pretty entertaining that they brought the fish to the table and we could pick which one we wanted to eat.

They settled for a squid kebab and fish sticks.

If you don’t count the unfortunate encounter with the fish, it turned out to be a pretty good day.

9 thoughts on “The Spider Fish strikes

  • Holy Posts, I LOVE it! Keep it up! looks like you guys have had so much fun, what a great experience! My favorites are the black and white ones of you and Josie and the one of Jonahs face next to the Tiger, haha, he looks way scared! And Jacob is getting oh so handsome! he has a lot of your features, your eyes, freckles, so cute! And I just want to squeeze Josie she is SO adorable! Love you guys!

  • LOTS of updates from you all. You have been busy having lots of fun. The ones of London make me homesick for my mission. I have similar pictures. Your little Josie is so so so adorable. Love your little family.


  • Sorry aboutu that. LOoks like you made the most of you time though….I stepped on a sea urchin in Croatia right after I said to Jared “Watch out for this sea urchin and don't step on it.” It broke off 6 of it's parts in my foot…the dr. back in Switzerland had to remove the parts when I got back

  • I totally picked the same pics as Katie, I love the B&W of Josie in the water. I love Jonah and the tiger, you can still see reservation on his face. I love the colors of the London pictures they are so vibrant. I hope Jason's foot is back to normal. And I am impressed Jacob would eat squid kabob's. You have and are doing amazing things there and have gorgeous pictures to remember it by! The beachs looked amazing and so empty.

  • I am glad that spider fish wound is better….those kabobs looked good…I like the chewy texture of squid.Except for the spider fish it looked like a fun time in the sun in Portugal for all of you.

  • I know exactly what he went through, yesterday I was at Lignano beach in Italy with a group of my friends and we were all out in the water and I had stepped on what the medical(First Aid/Life Guards) people said was a Spider fish… most crucial painfully experience I've ever had. But after the hours went by and them having me soaking my foot in hot water, the swelling had gone down and didn't feel like a someone sticking a knife into my foot anymore. Though on occasion I'd have to take aspirin to help with a little pain every now and then today. But happy to hear he's doing good!

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