Girl’s Weekend away in Annecy

A few weeks ago my girlfriends and I were able to take another Girl’s Weekend away. It was a blast.

We rented a house on Lake Annecy in France. It’s November so we weren’t able to enjoy the Lake but still could enjoy the view. The house had 9 rooms and a great farm-style kitchen.

The house sat right on the Lake. We’ll have to come back in the summer to do a little sun bathing 🙂

There was a great kitchen where we enjoyed breakfast in the mornings ……..4 egg omelets, Raclette, and amazing Waffles.

We made morning runs to the local Boulangerie to have fresh pastries.

We all dressed up in our new “hot” items and took a picture. We pretty much had duplicate purchases of all the items. We all couldn’t resist the cute sweaters, boots, scarfs, hats………so we all got them 🙂

We stopped by almost every Boulangerie and enjoyed croissants, pain au chocolate, chocolates, you name it.

Fascinated by this giant 7 month old puppy.

It was a blast! I love hanging out with my girlfriends!!!

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