Birthday in Dijon

I had a great weekend get-away with the family for my birthday. We drove 3 hours to Dijon, France and enjoyed shopping and the Christmas markets.

All the boys were so patient while I shopped. ((My birthday present)) I LOVE shopping in France. The stores and the styles are fabulous. Good thing we don’t live there, I would spend WAY too much on clothes.

This was our first time to Dijon and we had been looking forward to eating the local dishes. Our French friend always advises us what to eat in each area. It’s nice having insider tips. So we had to try the Escargot, smothered in garlic and butter.

The escargot, which I tried, was good but enjoyed mine much more. I had Oeufs Meurette (eggs poached in red wine) It was delicious.

He was a big fan of the escargot and informed us he was going to raise his own snails, on a special diet, so he could make his own.

Somebody fell asleep while we all ate dinner.

My dessert was soooo good and I loved the little capsules of flavor you could squirt on it. YUM!

The Christmas market in Dijon

On the way home from Dijon we stopped in Besançon. They also had a local Christmas market.

If you look closely you can see this man is carrying his Christmas tree and his child–awesome!

What a huge pot! This was a delicious dish – potatoes, cheese, ham. YUM!

All bundled up. What a fun trip! Thanks for the great Birthday.

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