Jelmoli Märlitram

Last Friday night the kids got to finally ride the Jelmoli Märlitram. The tram rides around Zürich with Sami Claus and his Angels.

Only the children are able to ride the tram. While the parents wait for their return.

A friend of ours bought all the tickets ahead a time. It is a very popular tradition to ride the Christmas tram. A little un-certain about meeting Sami Claus. Although he is very intrigued by the thought of Sami Claus.

Waiting in the cold. I think there were 13 native English speakers in the 15 passenger tram. Good thing they are all bi-lingual to be able to enjoy the stories.

All bundled up, just taking it all in.
Loving the lights……

I absolutely LOVE living in Europe at Christmastime. It doesn’t get prettier than this. We are excited to see our family in CA for Christmas but sad we are going to miss the magical feel in Switzerland. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

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