We spent a Saturday on the slopes with some friends the other week. It was foggy and gloomy at home but with a 45 min drive and gondola ride up the mountain, it was blue skies and beautiful.

Riding up the old school tow-rope.

All strapped on in warm clothes. She’s a really good sport.


Sattel-Hochstuckli is a great little family friendly ski hill. You can easily reach it from Zuerich and it does not ever to seem to be overly crowded.

I think this picture is so cool. You can see how the fog just settles in between the mountains. SO with a quick ride back down the gondola we are back in the fog. I know why everyone goes to the mountains on the weekends, to get a SUN fix.

2 thoughts on “Sattel-Hochstuckli

  • Julie, every time I will go skiing, I will never forget our experience with those weird t-bar chair lifts and how it took 10 of them to whack us in the head before the guy noticed to turn them off. I will also never forget how I got dragged by one by my leg while I lay on my back helpless.

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