We took a little Weekend Getaway to Milan (only a 3 hr drive from our home)

We took the elevator up to the roof of the Duomo. The boys enjoyed running around the roof and looking down.

Inside La Scala Opera house. This was a pretty amazing place. It would be so fun to go to the Opera here. The acoustics were amazing. We could here the stage help whispering on the stage from our box.

Castello Sforzesco – The ruling families of Milan lived here.

Gotta love the little worker cars. The best part about this one was it has a club on it! No stealing this one.

Josie is a good little traveler and seems to like her car seat as her choice of bed.

Duomo Square at Night

Just hanging out

Milan has HUGE sales twice a year, got some great deals. I love the Italian styles but have decided that France is my favorite place to shop 🙂 esp. for kids.

We got to go to an AC Milan Soccer game. It was so much fun watching these guys play.

Enjoying the game and the crazy fans!! We were really excited to watch Ronaldinho play and Beckham was on their team too. Those guys are good! Ronaldinho had amazing footwork!!

Daddy’s little girl. (I love Josie’s expression here)

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