Disneyland Paris

We took the kids to Paris for Easter and had the chance to visit Disneyland. The kids absolutely loved it and a few times we felt like we were back in CA. Minus the obvious difference, French speaking Mickey, the rides and the park were very similar.

Thunder Mountain Railroad. The ride was pretty much identical to Disneyland.

Eating Lunch inside Mickey’s Movie theater.

With Dad on the rockets.  We were all happy to see Pirates was identical to the one in LA.

The boys has some Mickey ears from our last trip to Disneyland in CA before moving here. So they decided to bring them along. We didn’t know they’d be a source of great attention. I guess you can’t purchase these at the Paris Disneyland and we had so many people asking were we got them.

Giving a little wave. Her favorite ride was Small World. She loved dancing to the music. She just can’t sit still when she hears music.

Just in case you were worried, there were military guys surrounding Disneyland for our protection.

The Disney Castle. It was a little weird being at Disneyland in colder weather, it wasn’t the warm LA weather, but still had the magical Disney feeling 🙂

Riding the tea-cups.
See ya later Mickey- Thanks for a great memory!!


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