A view of The Louvre at Sunset
We visited the Musée Rodin while in Paris.  A large part of the museum is outside in the gardens.  One of the most famous pieces is the The Thinker (Le Penseur) by Auguste Rodin.  The gardens were really beautiful.

A view of the Collège des Quatre-Nations.

The Louvre– I love her smile in this picture, hidden under her little hat.


One day we visited the Modern Museum of Art.  This piece above was one of the boys favorites.  They found some of the art work hilarious.  I think they both walked away thinking “I could do that.” Some of the art work was not so child viewing friendly. Our boys intrigued with the naked lady hula-hooping.

The boys on a bridge of the Seine. Our oldest is learning French now so we dubbed him our translator. He ordered all the meals for us, it was great!

The inside of La Saint Chapelle. Last time we were in Paris we weren’t able to get into this church. This time we made sure we did. The stained glass was beautiful. 

Daddy’s little girl


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