We fell in love with Bari. Maybe it was the weather, or the relaxed atmosphere, or the food, or the sea, or the people, or Italy, or just a mixture of it all but Bari was great.

Wandering the streets of Bari was fascinating. We’d heard you’d see people in their homes making pasta but didn’t really think we’d see almost everyone in their home making pasta. All the doorways had a little curtain on it and we could see the Italian woman at work.
Here the orchetti is drying outside the doorsteps of each home. One of my favorite dishes has always been an Orchetti dish Jason makes. I was so excited to try it in Bari.
We found a perfect little restaurant. The orchetti was amazing. But there was more……

We devoured these fried, salty, dough balls. Who would have thought? We loved them so much we tried to order them again but ended up with this…..

I guess fratelli and fratella sounds too similar. After a few hand jesters to our neighbors table the waiter figured it out and brought us some more. They were so delicious.
Josie loved the fried dough. If you look closely she is saving a piece for latter behind her ear 🙂
Eatting gelato with a baby strapped to you = A crazy baby
What a beautiful day.

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