Olympia, Greece

We docked in Katakolon, Greece and then rented a car and made our way to Olympia.
We were glad we brought along our GPS because reading the signs was pretty difficult.
Inside the Ancient Olympia grounds. Pretty amazing to think the ruins date back to 776 BC.
Ouch, this ground is hard to crawl on.
Our little  rock collector.


 We were there at the perfect time. All the trees were in bloom and it was just beautiful. It was actually pretty hot too, so I could not imagine being there in the summer.
He has been reading the Percy Jackson books so he was very excited to check out the Greek sites. He told me to take a picture of this because he is going to translate it.
Inside the Olympic park there were workers hiding to blow whistles at anyone and everyone who tried to sit or touch any of the sites. It was pretty funny.
We had a great day checking out Olympia.

2 thoughts on “Olympia, Greece

  • Too bad you weren't checking out Olympia WA! Let me know when Jacob translates the writings. Love Josie's crawling face on the hard ground.

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