Santorini, Σαντορίνη

Santorini is like a magical city perched on the side of a volcano surrounded by a giant lagoon. We had to take smaller boats into the island . The waters were rough and it was quite an adventure. Once on land there were only 2 ways up to the village, a donkey or a cable car. We took the cable car up.
Most of the village was white with blue accents, beautiful. It was so fun to explore.
A snapshot in-front of a cool blue door
I loved all the blues. We hiked along the ridge of most of the city. It took about an hour.
Daddy and his little girl. Traveling with a baby can be very tiring…she does not seem to appreciate all the beautiful views.  HA. Nap time can be difficult to manage etc. We have found taking a backpack to carry her in has helped with the naps. Oh the joys.
It’s nice when the kids can help take pictures


The lone donkey.  The boys were really excited about taking the donkey down the hill. There had to be about 75 donkeys lined up and down the path.
Enjoying the ride down.
A little unsure at first, the donkey was a little freaked but they both settled into the ride.
I would recommend the ride up the hill and then you can enjoy the walk back down. It is nice to entertain the kids too and less complaining about walking up the hills.
You can see our ship in the background.

We set up our tri-pod and managed to get a family photo. It was a shame we only had a day on this beautiful island. We would love to go back and rent a home to stay longer and enjoy the views, culture, and food. Hopefully soon.

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