Athens (Αθήνα)

The Parthenon in Athens. When we arrived in Athens we found ourselves a cab driver who spoke English and bargained with him to give us a tour of Athens for 6 hours for 120 euro. We thought it was a great deal. Not only did we have the ride around Athens we had a personal tour guide. He was awesome.

A view of the Acroplois. Our oldest amazed us with all his Greek history telling us how the Parthenon was dedicated to Athena and all the history surrounding it.  That is what we love most about traveling, being able to see what you read in the books in person.

It was a beautiful day. We arrived early in the morning to Athens and the blue skies were gorgeous.

Athens has over 5 million people and the view from the Acropolis looking over the city is pretty cool.

An outside wall of the The Theatre of Dionysus. This theater dates back to 500 BC.

Looking down at the Theater of Dionysus

The kids in front of the Temple of Zeus.

Another view of the temple of Zeus. It really is amazing how much influence the Greeks had on the Romans with their architecture. So much of what we saw reminded me of Rome.

A view from the Temple of Zeus looking up at the Acropolis.

Our Cab drive was set on giving us a full tour of Athens. He whisked us on over to the Olympic Stadium and told us all to hop out so he could take a picture or our family. It was really funny. I would highly recommend having a local guide show you around.

These are the Greek Gaurds in front of the President’s house. They are called the Evzones or in Greek: Εύζωνες) We have seen quite a few changing of the guards before and weren’t sure we wanted to wait around to see it again. Our cab driver was set on us seeing it though. 2 different times we tried to get back into the car and he would walk us back over and just say “Wait, it’s really good” Ha, the boys enjoyed watching it.

Thanks to our own chauffeur and personal photographer (aka Cab driver) for yet another family picture. I guess they have a Rule that 2 adults can not stand on the platform at the same time. Jason tried to stand on it and another guard (guarding the guards) quickly made him step down.

Time for a little shopping in the old part of Athens. What a beautiful city. 

You can’t find a good tasting donuts anywhere in Switzerland so we were very excited to stumble upon these. 2 words……very yummy :), and I’m not even a donut lover!


We didn’t have to search far to try an authentic Gyro. I’ve never been a fan of the shaved meat type sandwiches but these were pretty good with their Greek Yogurt and all.
Note the little foot sticking out from behind my back. I’ve learned the best way to eat is to put her on my back and then she can’t attack the food 🙂




10 thoughts on “Athens (Αθήνα)

  • Hi! If you do one of these cruises again next time ask the consierge how close the train station is. From that port the train station was only a 10 minute walk and the tickets were only 3 euros to the Acropolis there and back. However, you will not have the great tour guide like you said. We almost took the taxi option, but decieded to do the train. Great photos!

  • That is awesome about your cab driver. Those donuts looked amazing, I didn't know you weren't a donut fan. I would save my allowance when I was a child and go with dad to safeway to grocery shop everyweek and always had to buy an old fashioned donut. Love your little street artist and Josie eating her toes!

  • You guys are pro's at traveling. Looks like a great trip. I still can't get over all the places you have visited. It's amazing. Josie is getting so big and she is super cute.

  • I like that the cab driver/tour guide had his own idea of what you guys needed to do- i guess that's why you hired him! Looks like fun! My life is feeling a little boring right now:)

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