Life on the Ship

I love this picture, if only the ocean smell could come with it. We really enjoyed the evenings on the deck.

Ahhh, a well deserved vacation. Time for us all to relax………well maybe a little hard with a baby but we will do our best to relax.

Life on the pool deck- lounging and relaxing- well as much as you can with a baby 🙂

Enjoying our meals together.

That’s a big plate of pasta for such a little girl. Every evening the floor was a complete disaster after little Miss mess-maker was done with her dinner.

And we always have one who falls asleep after only a few bites to eat.

A Galla Evening. All dressed up for the evening.


We were lucky and got a really great dinner table for our nightly dinners.

The beautiful sunset views were amazing.

Out on the deck. After dinner every evening the kids center had fun activities planned for the kids. So we’d drop of the kids and then put the baby in her stroller to sleep and go hang out in the lounges.

Awaiting the kid’s disco to start. The boys learned some fun dances. The main language on the boat was Italian. Some of the kid’s staff spoke English but not German, so our kids became the designated German translator for all of the German kids.

The Toscano (Purple) Lounge was our favorite. It was just 1 floor below our cabin and we’d hang out here regularly.

Nap Time for everyone—-I love this picture even though it is blurry. Jacob took it of us and obviously we are all totally out.

The afternoons on the deck were great to enjoy the sunshine together.

Ahoy Mattie – The last night the boys had a huge pirate party with all of their friends they had made. It lasted until mid-night……so fun for the kids.

The baby wasn’t old enough for the kid club so when the boys were out having fun, the 3 of us were hanging out together.

If the kids weren’t in the club they were in the pool or hot tub. The boys enjoying some time in the hot tub. I would say a cruise was the perfect family vacation. The kids enjoyed the ship so much they did not want to go to shore.


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