Corfu was beautiful. The kids were happy we had a day to swim. The beach was about a mile away so we took a long leisurely walk along the water front. By the time we reached a good place to swim, we were ready to jump in.

Walking along the waterfront. The water was so gorgeous and clear and pretty warm

It’s Greek to me…….of course I had to say it. We f0und the people in Greece to be very friendly.

We stopped  in a bakery to try out the local favorites. We picked a few that looked good to us. The lady loaded the box up and then poured sticky syrup over everything! TONS of it. It was by weight, so maybe that’s why she loaded it up? 20 Euros later we had a few sweet snacks. (They looked better than they tasted….)

Walking through the old part of Corfu, along with all the other tourists. Nick-nack shopping is the boys favorite pass time. It is always so fun to discover new places together. I wish we had more time in Greece but that just means we have to go back.

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