Brusimpiano, Italy

We had a 4 day weekend a while back so we decided to get out of the rain and get some much needed sunshine. We headed out on our holiday with our good friends.

The little town we stayed in was called Brusimpiano. It had plenty of sunshine, a beach, and lots of pizza and gelato. Perfect!

Jonah and Nicolas spent hours each day hanging out on the beach.

Josie resting with her daddy.

It’s hard to see but Saffron is chasing the swans away. Those swans are mean!

Terrian and I enjoying the beach.

Jason and Jacob taking the kayak out on the lake. We were on the Italian side of Lake Lugano but just across the lake is Switzerland. The mid-point of the lake is the border. The kayak place they recommended taking the passports out just in case they were stopped by the Boat border patrol. Really???

It was fun vacationing with our friends and an added bonus was we were able to do a date night swap and go out to dinner with no kids. wahoo!!

We had to get our gelato fix at least once a day, or was it twice??

Enjoying the chocolate, yum!

Laughing about something. Jacob enjoyed reading his Percy Jackson books while on holiday, he could not put them down.

There were some fun cars driving around. We saw a blue Lamborghini Police car, how cool is that!

One thought on “Brusimpiano, Italy

  • AWESOME weekend. I love that you guys went with Ti and Holger. Nice that you could get a date night. It looks like you had a beautiful sun filled weekend.

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