Alpenhorns at Rigi

Haven’t you always wanted to try one of these? The boys got to try them out and apparently it’s harder than it looks.

For a slight germa-phobe mom, I got past the fact they were letting everyone try out their horns without even wiping it down. The boys gotta have fun and try and out.

Both our boys always made funny expressions as a baby and now Josie is joining in.

A group of Swiss Alpenhorn players. It was fun listening to them play. Kind of reminded me of a Ricola commercial.

The best part about hiking in the Swiss mountains is there is always playgrounds for the kids.

The Rigi-bahn behind them going down the mountain.

All the cows graze around us and there are electric fences all around. The boys have fun touching them and yelling out. They even experimented holding hands to see if they would both get shocked. They tried to get me to hold their hands but I didn’t think the sleeping baby would appreciate the shock.

Waving the Swiss Flag.

Wishing she could climb up with her brother.



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