Camp Freedom

Our son had the chance to attend a boy scout camp in Germany. He was very excited to go and had his backpack packed weeks before the camp started. The week before camp he got pretty sick and we were worried he wouldn’t be able to attend. Thankfully he got better in time to go enjoy himself for a week.

There were 14 boy scouts from Switzerland. There was also other troops from Germany, France, Netherlands and Austria.

Camp Freedom in Munasiedlung, Germany was an old Nazi Camp taken over by the Americans after the war.

It rained most of the week but he had a great time.

He came home very proud that he had received his “totin chip” He can safely use an ax, saw, and pocketknife. He has since given us instructions on pocketknife safety 🙂 We are so glad he had such a fun week and we all missed him.

3 thoughts on “Camp Freedom

  1. That camp looks amazing! That is so cool to see and American flag in a different country. I love Josie's expression in that picture on the outing with the horns. Was the lake freezing? How long was the swim. That I would have been up for, but no marathon.

  2. I am hoping that my boys will get to go to camp with the kids when we go back to Germany next summer. I am glad that he had a fun time. He went with the other boys from the ward right?

  3. I never was much of a boy scout, but your post brought back the memories I have of attending summer camp at “Camp Freedom” myself in the early 90's. It's good to see that Camp Freedom not only lives on, but is thriving today.

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