My sister Megan came to visit for the summer so we planned a few trips while she was here. So while Jacob was at scout camp we flew to Paris for a few days……

It just so happened the weekend we planned to be in Paris the Tour de France was finishing up in Paris. It was crazy crowded.

All decked out in the gear to support The Tour de France.

Here comes the parade before the bikers finish the race.

We took a boat tour this time and I’d highly recommend it. It was a great way to see a lot of the sites in such a big city. Paris is beautiful!

Looking up at the Sacré Coeur. We got hassled by a few guys and all ended up wearing bracelets

Outside the Louvre. Enjoying an afternoon lunch on a gorgeous day in Paris.

Paris is such a romantic city. One day Jason and I will go without the kids

The kids really had fun with Aunt Megan. Josie even warmed up to her.

This picture is a little blurry of Jonah, but notice the guy in the background……. We were all sitting on the grass and their was a lady on a bench going into labor, or so we thought. The lady did a good job of playing it out and these 2 men were trying to help her lay down, etc. Then we all realized it was French Candid Camera…..ha, ha. It was funny!!

The Notre Dame. We’ve traveled enough to learn some tricks. When there is a big line to get inside a church, you enter in the exit. Megan thought we were kind of funny doing that, but it works 🙂

A view from on top of the Eiffel Tower

Meg and I had lots of fun together!!!!

One thought on “Paris

  • So fun to catch up with your family. I bet it was wonderful to have Megan out. Looks like you did a lot of fun things together.

    Great job on the swim! Very cool. Sam did a tri a week or so ago. Fun thing to do.

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