Dachau Concentration Camp

Dachau was very moving. It was the first Nazi Concentration camp. I must say the first time we visited I was hesitant with the kids but history must not be repeated so I thought it was very important that our children understand what went on here. There were many questions but I feel like it was an amazing history lesson for all of us. It was a very sad, moving experience.

Walking through the rod iron fence gave me an eerie feeling. It read “Arbeit macht frei” which translates into “Work will make you free” How sad, so many who walked through these gates and had to die because of discrimination and stupidity.

Outside the crematorium. We did not take our 7 year old into any of the buildings, as it was not age appropriate. They recommend 12 or older. We felt our 11 yr was old enough and felt it was important for him to see and understand. Education is the best way to make sure this doesn’t ever happen again.

This is a memorial in the center of the camp. There is also a memioral that says Nie Wieder, Never Again.

There were a few barracks that had been rebuilt to show how those imprisoned lived. Overall Dachau was a very sad place to visit but we felt that it important to see.

One thought on “Dachau Concentration Camp

  • That camp looks so interesting. I alawys hear what a somber feeling it is to visit. Josie is a doll in those walking pictures and of course seeing Megan visit all those sites with you makes we want to ZOOM there too. Love you!

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