Our family travels

Barcelona: Day 2

First thoughts about Barcelona……. made us miss California, nothing like it, except for the weather and ocean, but what a fun city.

Mercat de Sant Josep/ La Boqueria Food Market

Best Fruit drinks ever, whatever flavor you want. My pick, coconut & mango, yum! Jonah was so excited they had a kiwi drink, his favorite…

We like to eat our way through cities we visit. Of course we had to try their famous cured ham at 187 euros a kilo. We each only got a slice at that price 🙂

Walking down Las Ramblas. This was the boys top pick for street performers. Pretty cool, hu?

How can you go wrong with churros and chocolate, a local favorite. (told you we eat our way through cities)

The chocolate was too good to let any of it be wasted

She’s a cutie but don’t let her cuteness fool you, she has her moments.

6 thoughts on “Barcelona: Day 2”

  1. Your kids and adventures are wonderful! Love the little pictures of Josie. We sure love having your family close. We hung out on Sunday night with them for a bit and left thinking how lucky we were to know them.

    Love seeing your updates.

  2. Bringing back GREAT memories when we went their a year and a half ago. Churros and chocolate….oh how I remember! We, too, eat our way through cities! Barcelona was such a fun family city (it helps that our neighbor is from Madrid and told us lots of fun things to see and do).
    I love watching your blog to find new places to put on our travel list as we LOVE to travel!

    Christine (McKee) Deelo – Amye's old Pleasanton friend

  3. Josie is changing and she is so DARN cute! Oh my goodness, I could just squish her. Ok so that hotel story was great, was it like the time we stopped at a Motel 6 and there were nasty bugs everywhere? Remember that?

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