Barcelona: Day 6

Our last day in Barcelona we decided to rent bikes.It was kind of funny trying to maneuver around everyone but a pretty fun adventure.

We had helmet failure a few times.

We really couldn’t have asked for better weather. So after the bike ride we decided to hit the beach.

Notice her “sand”wich. She went crazy when we tried to take it away so she got to eat it sand and all.

When we got to the beach there was an organized kite flying event. It was for a company trying to raise awareness for lung disease. They were trying to get 1000 people to fly kites at the same time. We got to participate.


Our last night it our apartment we heard some crazy loud noises outside, so we went to check it out.

We asked the locals what was going on and they said it was a parade for all the kids to dress up like devils and set off fireworks. Of course, that’s what it……

Our kids were told to cover their heads because their were flames flying everywhere.

Most of the kids had ear plugs too, it was crazy loud.

This was right in front of our apartment. What a fun event.
So watch out for little devils running around with fire…….

2 thoughts on “Barcelona: Day 6

  • Your trip was amazing….the great weather, fireworks, beaches, parks, architecture, and FOOD! I loved the boys soccer jerseys and Josie's many colored skirt! The crab and the “sandwich” I will pass on but I could go for a coconut-mango fruit drink….Barcelona looked interesting!

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