Probably the highlight of the trip for the kids was the ending. They were looking forward to visiting Carcassone. We have a game called Carcassone that we have been playing for years and they were so excited to actually go the this Medieval Castle.

Walking over the bridge to get a good view of the castle.

It just kept going and going, it was a huge!

Playing around the fortress. It was really windy.

The boys has fun imagining how it use to be.

And the rule when you are in France is you must consume as many pastries as possible. I think we made ourselves sick. We saved some for breakfast the next morning 🙂

Inside the Fortress was the city. We were there off season so a lot of the shops were closed.

A view at night. How’d you like that to be your view out your bedroom window. I guess people just get use to it. It was a great city to end our vacation in.

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