Madrid Birthday Bash

One of my friends here just turned the big 40. So we celebrated in style………
A girl’s trip to Madrid. We tried to surprise Terrian as much as you can, when you have to request days off work and book plane tickets. But she received secret clues leading up to the big weekend away……. We even made her wear a Princess Crown 🙂

This picture is a re-enactment…… but LONG story short……..we missed our flight to Madrid, don’t ask how, it’s embarrassing, but after many tears shed and hours spent at the airport we were off…….

We made it to Madrid……..and the weather was beautiful

Our first stop, churros and chocolate, yum!!!!!

Posing in front of the fountain….. Tanya was our awesome photographer 🙂

We had some left over energy after all our shopping so we had to let it out.

Resting or posing by the lake.

Trying to skip all at the same time is a little harder than it looks 🙂
I think we spent at least 2 hours at this park fooling around, it was pretty fun!

We saw this cute old man in the park painting, so of course, we had to buy some of his artwork.

Showing off our artwork.

We, or I, really wanted to purchase some ugly shirts for all of us, but I could only get Megan on the bandwagon with me. I think we were trying to pose here with the ugly shirts, but where are they girls??

Our last night we went to a Flamenco dinner & show. It was an awesome show and so fun to watch.

Madrid has more than their fair share of hookers…… they are everywhere and crazy aggressive. Megan had on her “hooker boots” so we had a little fun 🙂 haha

It was a wonderful girl’s trip and such a nice break from the kids! Thanks Terrian for turning 40 and to our husbands holding down the forts! 🙂

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