Zürcher Silvesterlauf

The Silvesterlauf is a fun family run through the city. All the Christmas decorations are out so it’s beautiful but it’s also freezing. We started off together but then Jacob decided he was going to take off and went all out. It was only 1.4km so just about a mile.

He decided he was going to weave through people too. It was really crowded with lots of families. If we do it again, the kids will sign up to race in their own age group

You can tell it was an easy going race, we had time to stop and tie the shoes 🙂

Towards the end of the race, running through the old town.

And we’re finished! We found the boys just randomly waiting at the end. Unfortunately the timing chip was only on my bib, so they had to go with the slower time.
The don’t look ecstatic but they were pumped for their medals. Good job boys!!!


Enjoying their post snacks of fruit and tea they handed out.

It was COLD, we hurried to the lockers to collect the rest of our layers. And where was the baby you ask? Our good Swiss friends offered to watch her for the day and then cook us dinner after the race.

Our post-race dinner with Margrit & Urs. They have adopted the kids as their Swiss Oma & Opa- we love them!

2 thoughts on “Zürcher Silvesterlauf

  • That was my first thought, “Where is Josie?” So does she like those people that watched her? Or does she flip out like she does on her extended family? Love that you all raced together. We are SO out of shape as a family, it is shameful. We are hitting our ATH's again. (ALL TIME HIGH) 🙂

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