This was our first Christmas with just our family. It was a little weird not having so much Christmas chaos and we definitely missed our family but we tried to make our own family traditions.

We made a grocery lists with everyones favorites for Christmas eve. We decided on Fondue for dinner, fitting for Christmas in Switzerland, and had a few desserts. Unfortunately our fudge didn’t turn out. (note to self, import some more karo syrup)

Christmas morning we were able to keep the kids in bed till 8 am. good deal.


We got our white Christmas…..a view from our front door Christmas morning, yes, that is our car under that blanket of snow.

A view from our dining room, with Santa 🙂 Later in the day we all went sledding.

Too busy playing to think about opening anything else……

Her favorite gift was the plastic necklaces…….. Thanks to all our families who spoiled us with gifts, we know the postage is outrageous, but loved having gifts from our families under the tree, it made us feel loved even if you are so far away. And thanks to SKYPE for making video chatting possible with our families!



2 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. I found the oddest think about Christmas in CH was no Christmas music on the radio. In US we have almost too much, but there I hardly heard any. I must say, I really missed that.
    BTW, this post only showed up on my Google reader this morning. (1/24/11)
    Google/Blogger is acting up. My posts aren't showing up either.

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