This last weekend was beautiful and we spent it in Amden, about a 45 min drive from our home in Zuerich.

The Schneeplausch Cabin

Our church was hosting a schneeplausch (snow retreat) in Amden. We opted out on the sleeping to avoid torturing our friends with our baby at night. Instead we sent the boys up with friends on Friday and meet up on Saturday.

Well rested little miss enjoyed sledding all day.

Coming in for a Lunch Break

Obvious signs of spring skiing, patches of dirt. Other factors to note. You know you are skiing in Switzerland when….
1.You have to ski around homes on the mountain
2. When you share the hill with sledders.
There are plenty of other factors (ie tow ropes out number lifts) but for sake of this post we just note the above.


Back at the cabin the kids played games and we stayed for dinner.

Wanna take a dip? This is an old school, wood fire hot tub they had at the cabin. Just add some wood, wait a few hours, and it’s ready to go….. 🙂


Beautiful Switzerland

The sun has been out over a week here (gasp) and is quickly melting the snow away.


What a view…….Enjoying the sun set

5 thoughts on “Amden

  • What a pretty little getaway. You are still suffering from the “Brown curse” of horrible sleepers? Josie, Josie, she is too cute to be mad at. Love that you have to ski around homes there. That is awesome. You have almost made it through another winter there. YEAH!

  • What a gorgeous sunset!Once when I was riding the lift I saw a child going around slalom poles rather expertly and it turned out to be YOU, Julie! I love to see the boys doing so well on the hill! Fun snow retreat…

  • That looks fun, but I can't believe the snow is melting in Feb????!!!! You would think April-May, but not Feb! I love that last picture of the mountains and sunset by the way.

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