The Alhambra

After the baby was released from the hospital we had 2 days left in Spain and planned to make the most of it. We drove to Granada and visited The Alhambra. Honestly I did not know about the Alhambra until I started reading about Andalucia and then it was on top of our list to see.

I’m guessing this is where Alhambra water decided to name their water from. The Moors really knew what they were doing with the water here. Only a limited number of visitors a day are allowed, so it is recommended to pre-purchase your tickets.

The architecture was amazing. It is influenced from Northern Africa and was really intriguing.

I loved all the colors and tiles they used.

What a view

The courtyards inside the Nasrid Palaces were beautiful

Love the stars that let the light in the ceilings of the community baths

Look at all those textures on the wall and that little cutie on my shoulders

A view through the walls looking down on the town of Granada

The Sierra Nevada mountains, and no we weren’t in CA :). You sure see the influences the Spanish had on settling California.

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