Our last day in Spain was spent in Sevilla and well worth the drive from Malaga. Truly, a wonderful city. This is the Plaza de España, was beautiful.

We took horse ride around Sevilla.

The Sevilla Bull Ring had tours running daily and was a great site to visit. The boys particularity enjoyed it.

Inside the ring. Below outside the ring.

Really, what a beautiful city and I thought it was relatively clean. This little plaza reminded me of the clean streets of Disneyland.

Out for a stroll with her daddy.

Loved all the plazas; the familiar looking trees and the weather made me homesick for California

Torre del Oro and the gates into the Bull Ring

When in Spain, you must indulge in Tapas, and that’s exactly what we did

The boys were trying to pick an orange off the tree


The boys taking a little break on the bench outside the Cathedral


Our photographer, inside the Sevilla Cathedral

The Cathedral was originally a mosque. The minaret is now converted into a bell tower you can climb. We climb to the top and, pictured above, is the look from the bell tower.


Behind us is the converted bell tower – Day and night view. Sevilla was a great end to our trip.

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