Traveling with Pets

If we are not flying somewhere we take our dog with us. This ads a new dynamic to traveling.  Thankfully Europe is pretty pet friendly, sadly sometimes more than kid friendly.  When traveling in the EU and Switzerland your dog must have a European Microchip.
You also need to have a Pet Passport for your dog.  Our dog, is the only one of us who has a Swiss Passport, lucky dog.  You can read more about moving to Switzerland with your pet here, or Europe.
Planning on hiking the Swiss Alps with your dog? You may want to consider, paw shoes, sounds funny but our poor dog tore up her paws running down the mountain and had to be carried down.

It’s hard to travel spontaneously when your party consists of 2 adults, 3 kids and 1 dog. For this reason, we usually have our place booked. A lot of hotels and holiday homes are pet friendly, you just have to ask.

Dogs usually require a train ticket. Switzerland allows dogs to travel on the train with you but you need to buy a 1/2 price ticket. If the dog can sit on your lap you don’t have to pay.  Italy allows dogs on the trains but they have to be muzzled, pictured left. Poor dog had to be muzzled to ride the boat in Italy.  This goes for all public transportation and usually the norm in Europe.
Dog, a Man’s (and kids) Best friend. Traveling with a dog can be a lot of fun. Most people see you as locals and it makes for fun conversations. Europe is very dog friendly and we have even had our dog served before us at a restaurant in France.


One thought on “Traveling with Pets

  • I have never seen some of these pictures that I remember…it looks like Saffy enjoyed being with the family and out and about. Do you get her a ticket or try to hold her?

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