When Sisters come to town……

Two of my sisters came to visit last week. It was their first time to Europe, so I wanted them to see as much as we could fit in. It seemed like a whirlwind trip but was such a blast. Amye and Jodi flew in last Wednesday and we had quite a full itinerary:Add Image
Here’s a little glimps:
Wednesday: Pick my sisters up at the airport and the mission was to fight off jet lag and keep them awake. So we ran home, picked up the kids from school, and headed into Zurich.

Thursday: Drive to Colmar, France and eat our way through France

Friday: Fly out to Rome at 6 am – Walk over 20 miles around Rome

Saturday: Clock more miles in Rome

Sunday Fly home from Rome, head to Zürich Lake for the rest of the day

Monday: Drive up to Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany and then onto Munich

Tuesday: Leave Munich and drive to Dachau

Wednesday: Take a breather, pack up

Thursday: They flew home 😦 Wow, that made me tired re-living that 🙂 . I loved every minute with my sisters and hope they come back soon 🙂

3 thoughts on “When Sisters come to town……

  1. Wow…when you lay it out…I bet you girls were tired! Rome, Munich, Zurich, Dachau, the castle, and the weather looked decent! I am soooo…glad the trip happened. I bet it almost seems like a dream now. Miss you….

  2. YIKERS you had to post that nasty last picture of me. HAHAHA! I had such an amazing time and it was because of you! Thanks so much for being the most amazing sister ever and finally getting me over to Europe. In a perfect world, I would come back REAL SOON, with Jared. Love you!

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