And once again…..Colmar

If you come to visit chances are we will make a day trip to Colmar, France. It’s such a quaint little town and fun to get a taste of France. So Colmar was first up on my sister’s itinerary.

One of the best parts about France is on every corner there is pâtisserie or boulangerie and maybe 2 or 3 right next door, no joke, they are everywhere. So Amye, Jodi and I did what me know best, eat. And it was delicious. Now a story to tell……. We entered into one pâtisserie and purchased multiple delicious pastries and promptly began over indulging.

After our purchase, and in between bites, we went next door to bakery #2 to find a certain type of eclairs we wanted. In my non-existence French I tired to find out what type of eclairs they had. The lady seems to be laughing at me. After I stepped away, Jodi informed me I had croissant all over my face, and within the same second I informed her that her face was so messy. HA, we looked like the biggest pigs, I am sure those ladies laughed the rest of the day about those crazy piggy Americans. 🙂 We couldn’t stop laughing, I really wish we had video clip of that.

Our food journeys don’t end there. We went on to have lunch at a little local restaurant and all of us ordered delicious Tarte flambées. Then onto another pâtisserie for goodies for the boys back home and onto another for giant meringues. Finished off with a stop at a boulangerie for some baguettes. Needless to say we left France filled to the rim not needing to eat for days.

We took a little train tour around Colmar, seeing the town highlights. Top highlight…. the designer of the Statue of Liberty, Frederic Bartholdi, was from Colmar. We’ve done this many times but this time I got a new experience along the way…
We were the only 4 passengers on the train, as we were coming around a corner the whole street was torn up. If you’ve been to Europe you know how tiny streets are and how it can be impossible to turn around. Well it was impossible. So we sat on the train while the drive told off the construction crew, then the crew, took their tractors and filled in the giant hole in the road for us, so we could drive over. Not a happy day for them but an experience for us.

In between all of our over indulgence in goodies we did manage to get in some shopping and then headed off to Engusheim, France and then on home.

Engusheim is a tiny, tiny town, but not to be missed because it’s just so cute! Along with the little cutie on the right who traveled with us that day. We had a great day trip, I love France but sharing the experience with my sisters made it even better.

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