Easter in the Cinque Terre

The kids had almost 2 1/2 weeks for Easter break so we planned a few holiday getaways. The day before we left we dyed Easter eggs in our backyard, the weather was beautiful. The next morning we drove down to the Cinque Terre.

The boys were mostly excited for some beach playing and gelato eating, both of which were had.

Enjoying some gelato, I lost count of how many they had.

We hiked the trails between the towns, some of the trails are very steep and narrow, the kids did great. At one point we ran into 2 guys delivering a fridge to someone out on the trail, talk about a hard delivery.

Picking a perfect apple to eat. The beach behind him in Vernazza is the same beach he found 5 euros a few years back, no luck this time.


What a nice daddy to give shoulder rides.

We’ve been to this area before and enjoyed this little town the most so we made it our home base for 4 days.  It’s a tiny town so after a day you start recognizing all the locals.  Most tourist leave in the evening leaving the town pretty empty.

Locking up our apartment as we are off for a hike.

Hiking the beautiful trails.   I think the sun was too bright for the boys, hence the funny faces.

Waiting for the train between towns. Poor Saffy has to be muzzled for the trains, not her favorite. It is the law for all dogs to have a muzzle on public transportation in Italy.

Liguria is the birthplace of the pesto and home to foccacia so we had lots of good eats.


The Easter bunny made his appearance.  The kids were excited he brought them Swiss chocolate.


Those are some steep stairs for a little girl.
What a little cutie, enjoying the beach.








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