Circus KNIE

The Circus is in town so of course we had to go. It comes the same time every year and it seems like every year we’ve gone it’s been raining.  Not this year, it was over 80 degrees which is HOT for here but inside a non-air conditioned Circus tent with 1000+ people it felt well over 100 degrees. Neeeless to say we were sweating like crazy.

In years past we have always arrived early and the boys have been able to participate in little contests they have. This year it was a sack race and they both won a hat and blow up mustard from a Swiss mustard company, just what everyone wants 🙂 My kids loved them!

(Bad pics -we didn’t have our camera)

After the circus we walked around the Lake and enjoyed cooling off outside the million degree circus tent.

Last year she was really into it but this year she stood on my lap and clapped and clapped. It was really cute. She was a little afraid of the elephants but the horses were a big hit.

For all my Swiss friends who haven’t gone this year, I’d say the performances in years pasts were much more enjoyable.  But the kids had fun.     
Riding the train home with his new friend ,Thomy, the mustard man

2 thoughts on “Circus KNIE

  • Mustard Man is Awesome. I thought that was so strange how mayo and mustrad come in tubes that look like Destin or Toothpaste. That is one narly looking cow on your outting with Lavor and Josie's hair is getting so blond. Jonah did great in his events. Love you!

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