Don’t get lost….

Want to avoid getting lost abroad? We’ve found the best way to navigate through unfamiliar countries is to pre-cache maps onto our phones.  We have 2 different map apps we use, MotionX-GPS (iphone) and Locus Free  (Android).  Before leaving on holiday we pre-load the maps. We use way points to locate our hotel, restaurants, parking, museums, etc.  Make sure you zoom in so you can see street names and pre-cache all the areas you think you will be in. MotionX GPS has a good tutorial on how to do this.

The best part about this is you can use your map when you have no cell service.  International data roaming can be very expensive and wi-fi coverage can be spotty.  Our phone GPS has saved us more than once on trips abroad.  We were able to locate an international Hospital in Spain, thanks to our pre-cached maps, what a life saver.

One thought on “Don’t get lost….

  • I agree with you on this cruise company! However, I did expect the food to be a little better given the ship is Italien. Not bad, but not amazing. I think cruising in the Europe is fantastic. We saved a ton of money by doing our on exursions. Only cost us 5 euros to get to the ruins in Athens by taking the train. The station is only a 10 minute walk from the dock. We also rented a car for 30 or 4o euros in Olymipia which was way cheaper than the 90 euros per person to get to the same location. Doing a little homework before hand pays off. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am having so much fun dressing this little girl. It is like having a doll.

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