Schweizer Frauenlauf

The Bern Frauenlauf is one of my favorite races to run. It’s an all woman race and they have races for everyone, they even have nordic walking if you can’t run. It’s a great event.  I ran again this year with the same group of gals from last year. We make it a fun girls day out, riding the train in together, all racing, and then going out to eat. So fun! The only stinky part this year was the train going to and from Bern was so full we had to stand the whole way (1hr), not fun when you’ve had a long day on your feet.

My friends were making fun of me because of my water belt, so they had to document it with a picture, but really I need it for my ipod 🙂 I didn’t think I’d be running this year because I hurt my knee a few months back and have not run at all.  I signed up for only a 5k just in case. My knee starting hurting the last  1 km, but overall I felt pretty good and thought I did ok for taking a few months off of running.  ( 27.09  mins)  


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