Aletsch Glacier

Saturday we woke up early and headed to the largest Glacier in Switzerland, Aletsch Glacier, a UNESCO World site. We have wanted to go for awhile but the 2 hr+ drive kept us away. It was worth the drive though. A beautiful Glacier, very different than a lot of the  Mountains we have climbed.

We took 2 Gondolas to the top of the Mountain and made it just time before all the clouds rolled in.


I find it amazing that even when you are high above the clouds in the Swiss Alps you can always get some Rösti and Brautwurst.


I love this picture of my husband and his Mom



Sliding on down. Every mountain needs a slide and most of the mountains have them. We have found the Swiss mountains to be so kid friendly. Who would have thought you can ride up in a gondola and push a stroller on top of a mountain. Pretty awesome.
Trying to climb up the slide.


 And every mountain also needs a couch …….
For when you need to take a nap
Hiking along the trail


 Building some rock sculptures along the path
The kiddos
Off along the trail, hopefully we will get to show Grandma more of the Swiss Alps before she leaves.     

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