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Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate & Cheese


This past weekend I overindulged in chocolate along with the rest of my family.  We visited The Callier Chocolate Factory which is every kids dream (and chocolate lovers).A chocolate factory with all you can stuff.your.face.with chocolate. Yum!

The factory just opened  in April and was by far the best Chocolate factory we have visited.   The factory was crowded when we arrived and we had to wait over an hour. We spent the hour wisely, buying chocolate and watching movies about chocolate. Not a bad wait if you ask me.


Each tour group consisted of about 20 people. We toured through many rooms telling a story about the history of chocolate.


When the tour began we were in an elevator that lowered, kind of like the haunted Mansion in Disneyland. Josie started yelling “Scary” which she continued until a conveyer belt of chocolate, being powered by a bicycle, appeared. Then she proceeded to yell “Chocolate” at the top of her lungs.


After our brief history of chocolate we entered the factory.
Checking it out


Honestly the aroma of chocolate was overwhelming and preparing us for the end result, chocolate overindulgence.


We thought this is where the tour ended. We were all happy to help ourselves to a few pieces of wrapped chocolate. This man couldn’t resist a cute little girl and must have given her over 20 pieces of chocolate, she kept going back for more.

And then, the big question…..”For you, when is it time for chocolate?”  Our answer “All the time!”  We thought we were leaving the factory but to our surprise when went through the curtain it was a giant chocolate tasting room! OH boy!

Really, one sample of all every kind of chocolate they make.  You should have seen the light in the kids eyes…. the sampling was on……

For our oldest it was also a 3 step process. 1. Smell the chocolate. 2. Ponder the chocolate. 3. Eat the chocolate. His process was on repeat mode. This kid ate one of every sample.

Rounding the corner in the testing room


And more chocolate……


Realizing it may be a bad idea to eat over 40 pieces of chocolate but on the home run stretch


And the tour is over, spiting us out into a store full of more chocolate, which in our case, we were too sick to buy anymore. But we did have a little klepto on our hands.  Check out her face in this picture. She ran off with 5 bars and started opening them on the floor.

Goodbye Callier Chocolate Factory, we love you!


A day at a chocolate factory with Grandma, what more could a kid ask for?
Having some fun in the rain


Daddy and his little girl


After stuffing our faces with chocolate, we needed something savory. So off to the cheese factory we went.  We have visited the factory before, but thought it would be fun for Grandma to check out.


6 thoughts on “Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate & Cheese”

  1. Only a NON US country can offer all you can eat without crazy people over eating like we do in America. That is one awesome factory. How pricy was that tour and where was it, I want to go next time I visit.

  2. That was so amazing….I loved Josie's hair up in a bun type thing…it was so funny seeing her make off with the candy bars and spitting the cocoa beans. She certainly adds interest to your days. Fun and interesting tour!

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