JMT & Mt Whitney

About to embark on the JMT

The trek is underwayHiking the John Muir Trail has been high on the list for years. So when the opportunity arose, the planning began.  This trek is the result of months and months of planning.  Menus were made, exercise regimes executed, equipment accounted for, dymoxin taken, permits secured and tickets bookedThe guys have 211 miles (340 km) to hike from Yosemite Valley to Mt. Whitney, hiking around 10,000 feet in altitude the whole wayWOW, that’s exhausting just thinking about it. I am so proud of Jay for executing his dreams. 

1st Ascent -hiking Mt Whitney

Before there was the JMT there was Mt Whitney. With the completion of the JMT, this will be Jays’s 3rd time summiting Mt. Whitney, which in itself isn’t an easy task. Hiking MT Whitney is so popular there is a lottery to get a permit.

2nd Ascent- J & I hiking Mt. Whitney (no making fun of the outfit, it was FREEZING)

The 2nd time around I got to join in with the guys on the hike.  For me, hiking Whitney was the most strenuous task I’ve ever completed. I’ve run marathons and still think the 22 mile hike, with an elevation gain of 6400 feet, has a marathon beat. I think our hike was especially hard because wanted to summit before the sunrise (which we did) but this meant we had to start hiking at midnight. That was crazy in itself!

I still can’t believe that when they complete over 200 miles hiking they will have to finish climbing Mt. Whitney at 14,497 ft  (highest point in the lower 48). But what a better way to finish such a feat, with a view like no other.  I am beyond excited to hear about their experience when they are finished. Good luck guys! 

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