Road Trippin’

We’ve conquered the first week of school tear free, so I figured I could manage blogging about our summer escapades.  Since we knew Grandma would be here most of the summer we began planning a road trip. We had initially planned on going north but when we heard our niece & nephew were going to be in Naples, we decided to re-route.  We loaded the car, cargo box, 3 kids, 3 adults, 1 dog, & bags all into our car (should have documented that) & we were off.  We were not sad to say goodbye to rainy & cold Switzerland & head south. Our first stop 3 days in Florence…
6 1/2 hours later we were all anxious to pile out of the car.
The Dog wins the award for the best car traveling companion, the little girl wins the biggest tantrum award.

We’ve been to Florence a few times but obviously haven’t seen it all.  It was a welcomed change to see a few different things, such as The Santa Croce Church and visit the Uffizi Gallery.


The David (Michelangelo)

The original David stood in this square Palazzo della Signoria but was later moved to the Accademia Gallery in Florence.  We figured we’d just tell Grandma this was the original but the boys were too kind..  The minute we walked into the square they informed her of our scheme.

We enjoyed lunch off the square of Piazza di Santa Croce.  Thus kicked off the start of our over-indulge-in-pizza-nightly-fest.  Not a bad thing for a food lover but not a good thing for the waste-line.



The Duomo Climbers

We sat this climb out and let the boys lead Grandma up the stairs of the Duomo, all 400+ stairs.  The ceiling of the Duomo has a beautiful painting of the Last Judgement.

As the others took to the stairs, we sat down in a nice little quiet cafe and enjoyed some drinks and people watching.

We did get a break one day in our pizza over-consumption and indulged in the Italian cured meats at the San Lorenzo Food market.

Taking street art to a new level


The boys enjoyed climbing on this statue in the Palazzo Pitti.  I have to admit, it is one cool statue.

Trying to strike the same pose


A view from the Ponte Vecchio


An added benefit to traveling with Grandma was a date night! We got to get away for a few hours without kids in Florence &,WOW, that felt so foreign to us, but was well received on our part.

 And lastly, we did manage to find time get in our daily hourly intake of Gelato

One thought on “Road Trippin’

  • I always love your comments on each photo, especially the 'anti-best' car traveling girl. I wish we found more amazing pizza when we were in Italy!

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