Verace Pizza Napoletana

Yes, that sign does say: Pizza 1 Euro

Naples is the birthplace of Pizza. So, we devoted a whole day to just eating Pizza in Naples, the way it should be done.   We are talking about a self guided tour through Naples finding multiple award winning restaurants and between us ordering over 15 pizzas all within a 4 hour time span. Sound up for it? We were. YUM!

Every Italian pizza kitchen should require a wood burning stove and a guy smoking a cigarette

 Making Pizza is an art in Italy. To be part of the Verace Pizza Napoletana you need fulfill these requirements:
1. Wood Burning Oven around 800 degrees Fahrenheit
2. Fresh natural ingredients from Region in Italy, mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil, basil.
3. Kneed the dough by hand

The requirements go a little more into detail but that is the basic. Pizza is simple in Naples.Our first was a Restaurant on Via Tribunali.  We ordered 6 margherita pizzas, 1 fried pizza  and 1fried dough ball with rice and cheese.

The test tasters- 
You would think that would have been enough food for us but we couldn’t stop there….

Our second stop was Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente, only 300 meters away from the first. Not even enough time for us to digest. Il Presidente changed their name after Bill Clinton visited.  We all ordered ourselves another margherita pizza and they were just as delicious as the first. The ingredients were so simple but really cheese and tomatoes, on hot bread, how could you go wrong?

Jason in front of Il Presidente. You can see the picture of Bill Clinton to the right above the pizza boxes.

Another requirement is the pizza must easily fold. It sure makes for easier eating!

Our 3rd stop on Pizza Excursion was Da Michele  

This was obviously the most famous, at least with the tourist. Way too many guide books direct you to Da Michele and it is also referred to in the book Eat, Pray, Love. The line to get in was outrageous. A number was required for seating. We opted for take-out.

The oven in Da Michele. Wonder where all the workers are? They get smoke break every 15 minutes. Yep! They make pizza for 15 mins, then break for 15 mins, and repeat.  No wonder it’s such a long wait.

And they are back, making more pizza. On the far left, is a picture of Julia Roberts eating at Da Michele, but no they didn’t change their name after her visit.

After a 30 minute wait for take out, probably better for digestion, we had our pizza and indulged. End Result to our Naples Pizza taste test…. They all tasted about the same, deliciously good!

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