Positano & Meta

Positano is a popular destination on the Amalfi Coast. The winding roads leading there are famous. I am not sure what we were thinking but we decided to take a bus instead of driving ourselves, we had heard this was the better option. Ummm, crazy! We all about threw-up, it didn’t help the bus was jammed packed and we had to stand the whole way, but we finally made after a grueling 40 minutes.
We were all smiles after we piled off the bus. This was the view that awaited us, then we proceeded to walk down into the cliff town. It reminded us alot of the Cinque Terre but with WAY better beaches.
 Pizza on the beach, the way a relaxing vacation should be
 All smiles before her nap.
 After our day at the beach came to an end we decided we did not want to ride the bus home. So we opted to take the boat, a way better, less crazy, option.
Waiting for the ferry to arrive
 And the views were awesome. The boat was a welcomed alternative to the bus.
 Check out that smile, the little girl of course, she is such a crack up
 And never fail, poor guy was exhausted and enjoyed a little nap on the deck of the boat. It was an enjoyable ride back to Sorrento and great way to end a perfect day.
Another day we spent at the whole day at the beach in Meta. About a 5 minute drive from Sorrento. Their beaches were a lot better than Sorrento. Much more family friendly with tons of activities for the kids.
We rented a few chairs and the required umbrella and moved right in.
They had a little water slide and Josie surprised us by going down it, again and again.
 Aww, What a bunch of cuties!!


A view looking down on part Meta’s beach front

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