Pompei & Naples


Our main reason for going to Naples was to meet up with the cousins. Their family won a Mediterranean cruise through Nickelodeon (How cool is that!) So we meet them at the port in Naples.  The kids were so excited to see their cousins, a trip highlight for sure. They were way more into each other than Pompei.  It was so fun to hear them catch each other up on their lives. 
  Our neice spent days reading up on Pompei beforehand, so she was our tour guide, it was great!
A not so good tour guide
The kids were mesmerized by this body cased in plaster.  
Mount Vesuvius hovering over Pompei, I think I would have run when I saw is spewing ash.
Pizza in Naples in amazing
And after our tour in Pompei it was back to Naples for some more PIZZA


 The boys, scarfing their pizza while enjoying a break from walking


And of course a meal is never complete in Italy without GELATO!

One thought on “Pompei & Naples

  1. I think I would have run from the ash, too….it must have been soooo fast to catch all the people about their tasks. I didn't realize they met up with their cousins…..what a gun memory for all.

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