Venice with my sister

Being her first time to Europe, my sister wasn’t sure where she wanted to visit. So of course, we decided for her, our favorite place…. Italy.  We took a little road trip down through Verona, Lake Garda, and Venice.  We stayed in an Agriturismo within driving distance to all 3 places.  The weather proved to be better than Switzerland, no surprise there. The food was fabulous and the company awesome. We just love having family (and friends) visit!
Piazza San Marco – the bird even posed for my picture, perfect!


Chasing the birds can last for hours, at least with my kids
Feeding the birds…. they are aggressive, the birds, not the kids


Beauty of Venice, everything about Venice is awesome, from the delivery carts to the police boats


How would you like that to be your front door? Boat needed of course.
Kids posing for a picture with Jonah taking stand still to a new level


Time for a little nap
The sun was out, the weather was perfect, so nap-time was in order


 I really enjoyed showing her around Europe.


Love all  the little waterways


One of my most favorite places to just sit and watch – Piazza San Marco
Jen and Saffron. Jen thought it was so crazy how much attention the dog got. At one point, Jen had me take pictures of all the people surrounding Saffron, pretty funny site.

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