Verona & Lake Garda


“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?


Enjoying dark, creamy, Italian coco.
This little girl is so in love with her big brothers


The boys absolutely loved having their Aunt here. She was so great at showering then with attention.
The little Navigator – And where should we go next?
Playing following the leader…..
Ahhh, gotcha!
Lake Garda


This one is for you mom and dad. You would be proud to know I have a little girl just like me 🙂 When you call her name, she turns and runs…..


Just another castle on a Lake
The wisteria behind us was gorgeous. Wish I had a vine like that growing up my house.


So many flavors. Gelato is a daily snack, 1,2……..5 times…..yummy!

I have beautiful sisters.

2 thoughts on “Verona & Lake Garda

  • What a wonderful time you guys had in the city of romance! Yes, Julie you used to do exactly that…..when I called your name you started to run and than looked back over your shoulder, like Josie did, to see if I was up for the chase!! Love Jason's European hat…!

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