Wow, somehow time has escaped me. Don’t ask me where, I wouldn’t be able to say. But now it’s   time for low-quality-blog-catch-up.  Mainly for the sake of my family, it may only prove to be entertaining to the grandparents. So all others be warned or stop reading now.

Back in December before the cold insanely freezing weather hit, we made our way up to Freiburg Germany for a Christmas market.  Christmastime is magical in Europe. I love the markets.  They all seem to sell the same junk but sometimes great finds are found. (pictured above- don’t you want a family set?)

Now onto the food.  Not pictured was the 1 foot sausages downed by the boys. For dessert he settled for a chocolate covered apple.

He was a little more adventurous eating a dough fried surprise.  Nothing a little sugar and applesauce can’t make delicious.

Hmm, I think we will have to order another one of those dough surprises, yum!  And now for a few random shots.  This is where the low-quality blogging comes in. I could narrate them all but not today…..



Fröhliche Weihnachten!

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