Dreamy Beaches


A beach vacation with kids is really the way to go. Fun for the kids, relaxation for the parents. We took a week getaway during Spring Break to Sardinia. The beaches were amazing. Since it was still off season we had them to ourselves.

Can I please stay?
The water was crystal clear, we were still off season, so we had the beach to ourselves.



Gelato, Gelato, and more Gelato
Dinner on the Beach. We found a nice restaurant who offered to move our table to the beach so we could soak in more moves. How awesome is that? I think the biggest bonus is the kids were able to play in the sand while we relaxed and enjoyed our meal.
There was a Parade in Cagliari and the kids had fun in the Rose petal aftermath. Cagliari was a great city to explore and stumbling upon this parade made it that more exciting.



Seriously so beautiful. I would highly recommend Sardinia as a beach destinations for families. So many options for beautiful beaches and fantastic food found around every corner.  You can use skyscanner.net and find tickets throughout Europe for very reasonable prices.



We played a lot of baseball on the beaches
Trying to pole-vault into the water
Digging at sunset




And more Gelato
A great big brother hanging out around the docks in Cagliari




Finding some sticks to play with


Pizza and Pasta everyday, all day


Look at all those empty umbrellas, just imagine the crowds in the summer




Daydreaming on the beach


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